AC Repair Houston Deluxe 4-way Bryant Multipoise Gas Furnace

4-way Multipoise Gas Furnace 80% AFUE

AC repair Houston Deluxe, 4-way Multipoise Bryant Gas Furnace

311AAV – Plus 80 Description
The 311AAV Deluxe 4-Way Multipoise Gas Furnace offers outstanding features in an 80% AFUE furnace. Deluxe features include: third fan relay for discrete continuous fan speed, the ability to change continuous fan speeds from the thermostat, dehumidify mode, optional Media Filter Cabinet, fault code storage, and more. The Plus 80 is very quiet thanks to a new combustion design that eliminates noise, instead of just muffling or boxing it in. Applications are easy with 4-way multipoise design, through-the-furnace downflow venting, 13 different venting options, and a door designed for easy service access. An inner blower door is provided for tighter sealing in sensitive applications. The 311AAV furnace is approved for use with natural or propane gas.

Standard Features

Noise elimination combustion system

  • Four-position furnace: upflow, horizontal right, horizontal left, downflow
  • Thirteen different vent options
  • Shorter in height-only 33 1/3″ tall
  • Microprocessor based “smart” control center
  • Dehumidify mode
  • Adjustable heating air temperature rise
  • LED diagnostics and self test feature
  • Non-volatile status code storage
  • Fan On Plus Continuous Fan speed adjustable from thermostat
  • Patented blocked vent safeguard to ensure proper furnace venting
  • All models are Chimney Friendly when used with accessory vent kit
  • Insulated blower compartment
  • All models twinnable in upflow, downflow & horizontal orientations
  • Heat pump compatible
  • Hot Surface Ignition (HSI)
  • Residential installations eligible for consumer financing through the Comfort Credit Program

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