AC Repair Houston Cased Horizontal Bryant Slab Evaporator coil

Cased Horizontal Slab Coil Puron Refrigerant (2 – 5 ton)

AC repair Houston Cased Horizontal Bryant Slab Coil


  • Puron-refrigerant compatible
  • Factory-installed Puron TXV
  • Dedicated line for horizontal application flexibility
  • Refrigerant line connections out top of unit
  • Painted cabinets to match taupe metallic furnace color
  • Sturdy 22-gauge cabinets
  • High-tech fin technology
  • New technology/FRTP – sloped – drain pan
  • Grooved aluminum tubing
  • Foil-faced insulation
  • UV light knockouts in cabinets – from the factory
  • Cabinets meet 2% air leakage
  • Non-sweat cabinets at extreme conditions
  • One size screw, same as on furnace
  • Easy slide out coils for inspection/replacement
  • Easy inspection and coil cleaning from front of unit

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