AC Repair Houston Bryant FX4D Legacy Series High Efficiency Fan Coil

Bryant FX4D Legacy Legacy Series High Efficiency Fan Coil


Factory-installed Puron refrigerant Thermostatic Expansion Valves (TXV)

  • Factory-installed heater packages available
  • 3- through 30-kW accessory heaters -Field Installed
  • High efficiency ECM (electronic commutating motor) five (5) speed blower motor
  • DuraTech coil with sweat connections
  • Efficient, quiet, time-tested blower housings and diffusers
  • Sturdy condensate pans with secondary drain connection
  • 1-in. thick R4.2 insulation with vapor barrier
  • Pre-painted galvanized steel cabinet
  • Unique cabinet design to meet 2% air leakage regulations
  • Multipoise design for maximum versatility
  • Horizontal hanging provisions on cabinetry
  • No tools required to service filter
  • Factory-supplied, cleanable and reusable filter
  • Factory-supplied power plug
  • Easy plug-in provisions for heater installation
  • Entry options for high and low voltage wiring hook-up
  • Simple, 5-amp blade fuse to protect 40 VA transformer.

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